Give up the idea of never giving up!

The idea that giving up isn’t an option and that “only the weak give up” is, I believe, a totally useless idea.

A few years ago I was hiking mount Olympus. With my friend we hiked more than 2000 meters of ascent in one day and we were just about to reach the peak, Mytikas. The last 30 meters were rock climbing that were to take us about an hour to the peak and an hour back. We took a short break before we continued. As we sat there watching the pale faces of the people returning from the climb, my friend said to me: “this is it for me, I stay here, you go”.

I couldn’t just give up, now that I was so close to the peak. I am not a quitter, I thought. So, I put my helmet on and hit the rocks. As I began the climb I felt my hands and my legs were trembling. I looked around, it was very cloudy. But, I could see the rocky terrain surrounding me, just one wrong move could mean a serious injury or even death. My heart started racing, it was way too risky, taking into consideration the exhaustion of my organism.

So I stopped and decided that being alive is more important, than reaching the peak!
I gave up.

Sometimes giving up is the best option.

Are you holding on to something that you need to give up? It can be:
– a job
– a relationship
– a strategy
– a way of thinking
– an old version of yourself
– a belief

Give up the idea of never giving up!