“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” 

– Aristotle 

Premium NLP Practitioner

Become Your Best Excellent Self!


Personal 9 Months NLP Practitioner Journey Tailored To Your Needs Inclusive Of Personalized Coaching!

On your own pace

With personal guidance, coaching, mentoring and undivided attention.

Become an NPL practitioner with this course tailored to your busy schedule and apply the study of excellence in your business and life.

Do you want to

  • Connect to your full potential?
  • Discover and upgrade your purpose?
  • Create new habits?
  • Achieve high performance?
  • Create well-being for yourself and others?

Package includes:

110 hours of NLP training divided into 9 months

6 Coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each

1 Systemic coaching session of 2 hours

6 SOS calls when you need instant support 

NLP Tools & Techniques manual

Personalised feedback

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