To me, a moment of self-love, when you say: “I am worthy of getting support”

Monthly live workshop on Youtube

Every first Wednesday of the month
Youtube Live

Additionally every first Wednesday of the month join me for a live workshop to continue the conversation and delve deeper into the subjects discussed in the newsletter. On my self expedition journey I discovered that I am driven and I thrive in partnerships and communities. I highly believe that collective intelligence is greater than individual intelligence. Every first Wednesday of the month we will meet online with a coffee or tea (you can add Rum at your own risk 😃) in a relaxed atmosphere to embark on a journey of exploration.We will share experiences and challenges, help each other recognize triggers and behavioral patterns, increase our self-awareness, share tools for resilience and self-regulation, reflect on the previous month and set intentions for the coming month.The discussions will be led by me and various guests I will bring on that can contribute to the richness of the content we share with you.

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