Becoming whole again

She comes to me thorn into two parts: one, the CEO of a successful company and the other, the mother of a young boy. These two parts have a conflict within her. When she is into the professional women identity, she loves it! But, she feels a constant nag on her back, that she is not enough present at home with the boy. That she is a bad mother. Then, when she is at home with him, there is the guilty consciousness that she is not working. She is a bad professional and a bad mother, again, because she is not fully present. So, she numbs herself by filling every moment of her time with social media or constant learning on how to become better. She is restless and in constant chase with time.
We begin to explore. What do these parts give to her? What does she get out of them? What is their highest intention?
Safety appears to be the value driving both of the parts. The highest positive intention!
We create a safe space where the parts can talk and exchange resources. It is a beautiful process for me to witness the coming together of the two parts and creating one whole – as it has always been.
We all have conflicting parts inside. One part of me wants this, and the other one wants that. Such internal conflicts can keep us stuck for years, creating feelings of dissatisfaction, harsh self-criticism, regret, unfulfillment, anxiety and even depression. Parts separate us internally and create holes within us – that, in turn, weaken our self.
We are made whole and we all strive to become whole again.
Like this mosaic behind me, each part is a part of itself – and, together they make a wonderful whole.
What about you?
Are you aware of your internal conflicts and how they affect you in your life?
You could consider coaching to help you integrate internally and begin living a congruent life. Online or in person, you can choose your package and work with me.