Giving meaning

Yesterday I started learning a new coaching methodology, Points of You, with Irena Jakimova and Slavica Taseva. It is kind of a photo therapy, connecting the left and the right brain hemisphere, helping find a different point of view and a different point of you! 


One of the cards that came to me in the process was the one below. When I saw it, when I read the word “Death” on it, for a moment I stopped breathing! I immediately connected it with my recent near death experience. 


Than, I took a deep breath! And another one! 


It is just a piece of paper. Two deflated baloons on it and some letters. The only meaning it has is the meaning I give it. 


We love to give meaning to things, this is how we live! 


For me it meant death to the parts of me, to my identities that do not serve me anymore!

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