Learnings 2021

Every year I make a list of my 10 learnings of the year. Here is the one for 2021:


You can do whatever you set your mind to! Create your life, set outcomes!

You have one superpower, that is the power of choice. You can choose how you feel, how you act and how you react. Nothing outside of you can do anything to you if you don’t allow it!

Patience and consistency are keys. They are muscles you practice. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

Rest – is extremely important! You can do marathons or sprints, the important thing is to rest after each.

Nature and movement in nature is of paramount importance. You can rest in nature, it’s a place for therapy. Feed your senses with nature!

Beginnings of change are not so easy. It gets easier

Give to yourself, a lot! Give to others, a lot!

Keep boundaries and have standards. You are valuable! There is only one of you on this planet. Imagine all the generations before you, what had to happen for you to be here, today…. you are precious!

Find what you love. Dream! Fly!

𝌵 Rituals, rituals, rituals… they make life beautiful.


A bonus one, that has been constant throughout the years: 

Be like a bamboo! When the storm comes, bend to the wind. When it is over, stand tall again. Be so flexible and adaptable that nothing can break you, that is the key to longevity, strength and resilience. Be like a bamboo! 


The photos are from yesterday, my last hike of 2021. It has been a dream the whole year to climb Ruen, the highest peak of the Osogovo Mountains. It is not so high, “only” 2251m – but quite a challenging one, especially in winter conditions. As we were climbing over 2000 m, the wind was getting stronger, my fingers were feeling the drop in the temperature, I could feel the freezing floor underneath my feet and the fog was getting thicker. Our guide, who has probably climbed it over 100 times, said: “Back! We are going back.”

😶🌫️ The disappointment was getting ready to settle inside of me as the crazy ambitious voice was screaming: Whaaaat?! Now that we are soooo close to it!!!” I took a deep breath. Another voice appeared, a familiar one: “Soft necks live longer”. It was the voice of my dear teacher, mentor and friend, JOke Land.


The hike was amazing! The day was amazing! The people were amazing! 

The year was amazing! 

Thank you all for being part of it! 

Much love.