Living in the NOW

Today, 4 years ago, was a day when I received the third cycle of chemotherapy. I had it weekly, every Thursday. After the doses entred my body during the day, the following night I spent in the hospital. Those were nights of “chemo high“, as I used to call the experience of the first night on chemo.
In my diary I wrote: „My third chemo therapy today. I am grateful I am learning how to drive this drug. It is not a joke.“
I was completely high on steroids, full of energy… and, with a bitter taste in my mouth and stiffness in the body. But, in those moments my creativity would appear, and I wrote.
This below is a piece from that night, too:
„I decided to take it day by day, that is the most important thing now, be in the NOW and make the most of it.
Giving my best, make it ‘till the end of therapy and see, hear and feel the good news:
That evening, the evening of my third chemo high I wrote the post below, too.
I am ❤️