“Prepare for nothing, be ready for anything”

You are the architect of your life! 

And your ability to choose your state is your superpower!

Have you ever been in a situation when you have the perfect plan? You have worked up all the details. Tomorrow is that big day and you go to bed confident, you have it all under control. You wake up in the morning, still confident – you’ve got this. And then, this guy named Murphy shows up at the last moment and he messes up everything. Have you ever met him? I know Murphy very well. Being in the event industry for such a long time we even became friends. He would always show up uninvited.

And that is the thing, because no matter how well you plan, you cannot plan for the unexpected. But, do you know what you can do?

Be ready for it! John Grinder says: Prepare for nothing, be ready for everything.


By having state choice!

State – such a small word with such a big impact. To some it means a state like Macedonia, my mother land, or Austria the state where I currently live. To others, it may be a condition of something, like liquid state or solid state. But when I talk about state I talk about our emotional state – a state of joy, peace, calmness, hope, love, anger, sadness, courage, relaxation, strength…

Are you aware that you can choose your state at any given moment? Are you aware that you are the only one that has the power to do so?

Do you know that by maintaining your state you can influence the state of others around you?

Have you noticed how your state changes and shifts throughout the day? You may start the day in a grumpy state and then something small happens and your spirit is lifted. From one moment to the next your state changes and you find yourself with a smile on your face. Or sometimes quite the opposite happens, the smallest thing can knock you out completely.

State choice is paramount in self coaching. It is about recognising your current state, seeing the situation and realising that you can be flexible. You have a choice. You choose how you will act, react and feel.

It is about taking a step back, looking at life from a bigger perspective and asking yourself: What would happen if I begin to focus on different things?

You are the architect of your life and the ability to choose your state is your superpower.

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