“Self-esteem is your capacity to recognize your worth and value, despite your human flaws and weaknesses.”

Terrence Real

Growth is a choice!

We all face challenges in life where our fears, insecurities, doubts, unwanted behaviors or the inner critic shows up.  All of these patterns are learned and rooted in our history. We tend to hold ourselves the way we were held. When you answer these questions it is like holding a mirror close up and looking at various parts of yourself. Our hope is that by looking at them without judgment or prejudice, you will be able to meet yourself where you currently are and map the changes you would like to make.

The Self-Expedition® is designed to help you begin to start asking powerful questions to examine and explore yourself, your behaviors, your intentions and your history.

You will:

  • Discover the parts that make who you are and learn to allow time and space for each to feel appreciated and valued. 

  • Become aware of your various layers and find which one needs your attention. 
  • Meet your Self, Hear your Self and See your Self with deep love and compassion in the size and shape that you are. Increase your levels of confidence and self-worth.

You can begin with small steps to walk the path of your journey towards self-love and self-worth.

How much are you worth? 

Course Investment € 87

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