“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech” 

– Mark Twain

Public Speaking Excellence via NLP

Are you ready to learn how to consistently connect, engage and inspire your audience?

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Learn How:

  • Enrich your stage presence and charisma
  • Banish stage fright and anxiety
  • Be in the best state for a presenter to be in
  • Use powerful body language
  • Develop your voice mastery
  • Use purposeful storytelling
  • Handle difficult audiences and hecklers.
  • Entertain and engage you audience
  • Create instant group rapport
  • Create powerful experiences for your audience

This training is aimed at people who want to really excel in public speaking.

In today’s competitive business arena, public speaking skills are essential in both large and small businesses. From directors, HR managers, training developers, entrepreneurs, team managers, to IT and marketing professionals – this training will prepare you for any type of presentation.

With VIANLP you will learn the absolute winner 8-step format that works for any presentation and enables you to build engagement with any audience as you create multiple ways for them to experience your content.

This is a 3 day experiential training that will upgrade your presentation skills to a different level

Practicing public speaking with people all over the world and having them bring their insight, culture, experience and strengths in one setting is remarkably enlightening. You won’t just sit and watch, but you’ll join, do, learn and contribute with a community of life-long learners, working together to level up. You and your peers will build a habit of connecting and giving each other feedback. While we exchange the knowledge for greatness with all of you and receive your input during the process, we are building a foundation for success and freedom for all of us.

After This Course

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  • You will have tried and tested effective presentation formats with psychological influence, pattern detection and ways to upgrade out of date behaviors to natural high-performance states.
  • You will have the confidence and skills to present on any occasion to any audience
  • You will have the tools, techniques and skills you need to create and present inspiring presentations
  • You will know how to consciously create a strong stage presence
  • You will be able to maximize your professional visibility and open up new career opportunities.
  • You will be able to engage and enchant audiences

Join us and become the presenter you’ve always wanted to be.

This training has been carefully designed to maximize your learning experience, and to give you the opportunity to practice the newly acquired public speaking skills so that you feel confident in your abilities and perform magically. On the last day of the training, you will amaze the group with a presentation, because this is how good you will become. The training lasts 3 days, each contributing to your journey of excellence.

You Will Learn:

  • Master skills for public speaking: Rapport, State and Flexibility
  • 8-Step format of effective presentations
  • Voice and auditory qualities
  • Non-verbal presentation skills
  • Engaging the audience with storytelling
  • Space and voice anchoring

You will experience public speaking like never before, through practice and games. At the end of the program you will love public speaking!

Course Investment

Full Investment € 2180  

Early Booking Investment € 1260

Saving you € 920

*Until 31 January 2023
*Monthly instalments possible